Have you questioned the meaning of life? The purpose of existence? Why you are here? What happens after you die and where you come from?

We all have.

In the old days, religion was the main source of these answers, but today more and more people are finding that both science and religion are not enough.

This lack of answers to life’s most fundamental questions bring about the suffering that so many of us experience.




1 in 4 adults have been diagnosed with a form of mental illness and 300 million people worldwide are currently suffering from depression.

At Satori we believe that the source of mental health challenges is an incongruence between the true nature of reality and what we are told to believe.

Life exists beyond what you see and at Satori we are committed to empowering you to connect with this elevated awareness.


What if we told you that you do not need to feel this way; that the answers that you are looking for can be accessed by experiencing reality through an altered state of consciousness?


Satori means the moment of sudden enlightenment. The ineffable moment of complete understanding of your own divinity and the absolute peace that follows.

All of us are able to access this Satori state, the key is to look within ourselves through a different perspective.



We are here to empower you to find  the answers that you seek by connecting you with the right psychedelic experiences and facilitators to help reach this elevated awareness.

We believe that safety and trust is the foundation to catalyze this transformation which is why we created Satori.

Our team will help guide you every step of the way by answering questions such as “who to trust”, “where to start”, and “what are the right psychedelic experiences for me?”

What makes us different

End to end support

Personalized advice

Vetted experiences

Network of 50+ facilitators

Global providers

Individual and group offerings


What is Satori and why did we create it?

Satori is a Zen Buddhist term which translates to “the moment of sudden enlightenment.” This can only be achieved through years of meditation or intentional psychedelic experiences.

Psychedelics are often thought of as a silver bullet which will solve all of one’s problems – but as experienced psychonauts who have used psychedelics to heal from trauma we understand that psychedelic experiences are only one part of the puzzle.

This is why we created a platform to help guide you through the steps in your personal development journey. This includes educational content and preparation guides, a network of vetted and trusted retreats partners and integration therapists to help you integrate the learnings of your psychedelic experiences.

How do we work with retreats?

We partner with best in class retreats around the world. These are legal retreats that have been working with hundreds and sometimes thousands of participants enabling them to facilitate safe and transformative experiences.

All of the retreats in our network either have been attended by one of Satori’s team members or have consistently received 5 star ratings during the last 3 years of operation.

Where are the retreats in our network located?

Satori’s recommended retreats are only ever located where the substances are legal or decriminalised. The ayahuasca retreats in our network are located in Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Jamaica. Meanwhile Psilocybin retreats are located in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

What is integration?

Integration is what allows a psychedelic experience to be more than just an experience; it helps you make sense of insights that you have had under the influence of psychedelics and connect them to behavioral patterns of your past whilst embodying the changes you desire for your future. Integration is how you process and actualize your experiences.

In psychedelic clinical trials participants undergo a minimum of 3 integration sessions with some ranging up to 18 months of sessions.

Why go to a legal retreat?

Legal retreats offer you a number of protections that are not available with underground retreats. This includes adherence to safety protocols, regulatory compliance, due care for your wellbeing, experienced practitioners and adequate facilities.

As psychedelics are entering the mainstream, we unfortunately hear horror stories from underground/illegal retreats in which participants have not been appropriately supported including: cult-like behaviour, inexperienced practitioners, poor facilities, overwhelming environment, crowded spaces, low quality psychedelics and an overall lack of care for wellbeing.

What additional services do we offer?

We support you throughout your entire personal development journey which can include: psychedelic preparation, phasing out SSRIs and other neurological medications, microdosing (in specific jurisdictions), various modalities of coaching and breathwork.

Our integration coaches will provide you with key support to help you to maximise the benefits from your experience, you will set intentions during pre retreat preparation and be guided to fully embody any lessons that you have learned in these altered states of consciousness.


If you have any questions about how Satori may be able to help you, get in touch today and our team will get back to you within 48 hours.


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